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Childrens Book: The Adventures of Sunny and Ray

childrens book

Childrens Book

WhosGreenOnline.com is happy to promote this Childrens Book, The Adventures of Sunny and Ray by, Lisa Bell

Parents are always concerned about children learning and retaining what they learn so that their children will grow up and be a success.

The Adventures of Sunny and Ray teaches kids about solar energy by giving sun rays and an electron life on earth. They contact three children Amanda, Ben and Gerry,   and enlist their help.  At first the kids weren’t sure that Sunny and Ray could talk to them but when they finally realized they could they happily took on the first mission the rays gave them.  They took on the job of getting Gerry’s family the right solar system with the help of the sun rays.

The Adventures of Sunny and Ray is a story that makes learning about solar energy and its effects on us fun for children to learn about.

About the Author

Lisa Bell wrote the Adventures of Sunny, Ray and Friends to help children learn and understand solar energy and have fun finding out how it benefits the world. Her inspiration for teaching children was her mother Marjory Newell, a teacher for many years. Lisa’s experience as a substitute teacher, then a homeschooling teacher, together with her husband Michael, to their two boys Aaron and Alex lead her to use stories and hands on experiences to teach children. Children are terrific inspirations as they have a fresh point of view that adults just don’t have and Lisa wants kids to be inspired to solve the problems that they will encounter in their adult years in a positive way.

The book is available in these locations:

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