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"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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3 Issues We Must Address Today

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3 Issues

Being a one man show here at and investing hundreds of hours of research that relates to the Earth’s environment today, it is my opinion, there are 3 issues that consistently pop up in my research, that WILL become an issue in all of our daily lives in the very near future!

  • We are starting to feel the effects of water(or lack of, I should say), whether a brief dry spell in a historical weather pattern or not, common sense tells us; we must make changes in our use of water today, in order to sustain 7.5 billion people tomorrow! (let’s also keep in mind, our population is increasing year after year)
  • Plastic is an issue we must address now………If not, we will again suffer the effects of irresponsibility, and our oceans are going to become so filled with plastic, ocean life will become affected, again in my opinion, this is a sin, The oceans and the marine life are the most beautiful forms of NATURE there are!  Here’s a link to an article I came across in one of the largest, most respected publications on EARTH: TIME MAGAZINE!

Up to $120 billion in plastic packaging material is lost each year

  • The 3rd issue that stands out again and again is: the adaption and use of Alternative Energy! Alternative Energy is Energy that is an alternative to Fossil Fuels; eg; coal, petroleum, crude oil. Solar, Wind and Electric or Battery powered automobiles, also known as EV (electric vehicles) are all examples of Alternative Energy. Everyday, the world produces carbon dioxide that is released to the earth’s atmosphere and which will still be there in one hundred years time. By 2050, one-third of the world’s energy will need to come from solar, wind, and other renewable resources. Who says? British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell, two of the world’s largest oil companies. Climate change, population growth, and fossil fuel depletion mean that renewables will need to play a bigger role in the future than they do today.

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