Monday, September 25, 2017
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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When I First Developed on WordPress, I chose a responsive theme, responsive meaning, the site adjusts according to the size of device used to view WhosGreenOnline………….eg. PC, Laptop, IPad or IPhone. Devices come in all sizes, however, being responsive, the site can be viewed on all devices with minor differences in the appearance. Normally, I wouldn’t share this info., to the viewer it is irrelevant info., the average viewer just wants to be able to access whatever site they want with no interruptions or issues!

The reason I choose to bring this to the attention of my audience is; Driving home from a little Las Vegas, Nv getaway, my date and I decided to stop at a spectacular, local, outdoor shopping mall in Ontario, Ca “Victoria Gardens” to have dinner and walk around the beautiful grounds. After dinner, we decided to walk around and window shop, “Victoria Gardens” reminds me of one of Rick Caruso’s outdoor mall’s; “The Americana” and “The Grove!” As we were walking around, I noticed about 75% of the people walking around were glued to their mobile phones, it was odd. After about 15 min. of viewing this abnormal public behavior, I decided to ask one of the “robots”; “why is everyone looking at their phones?” That is when I discovered the “Pokeman” craze or trend or whatever you want to call it?

What it did, was make me realize the power of the mobile phone!!!!! Being a thinker, and a one man show on a tight budget, I made some edits to the mobile site of When the URL is typed in the search bar of your mobile device, it will then render the mobile version of, Once the site is on your device, you can choose to save the site on your home screen, which can be used as an APP!  The “Green Eye” is the icon for Have fun keeping up with the latest Green news and info. related to our Planet Earth!

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