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"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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Greener Warehousing Operations

greener warehousing

Greener Warehousing Just like we all try our best to organise our lives at home in a way that would be as efficient and environment-friendly as possible, we should be putting in the same effort in improving various aspects of our professional lives in order to have the minimal impact on the environment. Read More »

Planet Resources, 1 Year in Less Than 8 Months

planet's resources

Planet Resources In less than eight months, humanity has used up nature’s budget (planet resources) for the entire year, with carbon sequestration making up more than half of the demand on nature, according to data from Global Footprint Network, an international sustainability think tank with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Global Footprint Network tracks humanity’s demand on the planet ... Read More »

Sustainable Building Materials

sustainable building

  Sustainable Building Green is the new black in the construction industry. Driven by consumer demand and government mandate, the percent of new buildings in the U.S. that incorporate green features reached the one-third mark in 2015, and is expected to continue to grow into the foreseeable future. Globally, green construction is, if anything, showing an even higher growth curve. ... Read More »

Eco-Cars, 5 Taking the Industry by Storm

eco cars

Eco-Cars When Henry Ford’s assembly-line Model T debuted at the start of the 20th century, it completely revolutionized transportation as we knew it. But now—as we enter an era where we know burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change and renewable energy alternatives are working—transportation is clearly changing once again. Cars, from battery-powered to (Ford’s own) solar-powered vehicle, now come in ... Read More »

Renewable Energy, Company Leading the Way

renewable energy

Renewable Energy I’m fascinated by companies that are leading the charge in transitioning our energy use from fossil fuels to clean energy. One company that wasn’t yet on radar, until I met them at the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day festivities in DC, is Building Energy. I had the pleasure of meeting several top players in the company and had the chance to interview Building Energy’s ... Read More »

Renewable Energy Revolution Has Arrived

renewable energy

Renewable Energy The global transition to clean, renewable energy and away from nuclear and fossil fuels is well under way with remarkable developments happening every day. The Great Transition by Lester Brown, Janet Larsen, Matt Roney and Emily Adams of Earth Policy Institute lays out a tremendous range of these developments. Here are seven that may surprise you: 1. Solar is ... Read More »

Solar Panels, A Comprehensive Review

european energy centre

Solar Panels People are coming to to find the best information on sustainable living. This is why I thought it would be helpful and educational to post an article on  a comprehensive review of the best solar panels available. Review conducted by Solar panels are the best way to get your power for free. And while they’re built ... Read More »

Sustainable Living, Is This The Future?

sustainable living

Sustainable Living Owned by a set of good friends, this cabin compound sitting on a picturesque, 10-acre riverfront by the Llano River in Texas might make a wonderful vacation destination—but more significantly—this concept of shared land, simple living and interdependence is also a page right out of the sustainable living handbook. A growing number of people are joining the tiny ... Read More »

House of the Future Is Here Today…..

future home

House of The Future Buildings can suck up a lot of energy. Etimates say that the nation’s 114 million households and 4.7 million commercial buildings account for nearly 40 percent of total U.S. energy use, as well as 38 percent of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions. In order to slash our reliance on natural resources, it’s increasingly clear that green buildings are one ... Read More »

Solar Energy, Top 10 Cities in the U.S.

solar power

Solar Energy While giant new solar farms located in rural areas and deserts have been grabbing the headlines lately, America’s cities have been embracing solar power as well. A new report from Environment America Research & Policy Center, Shining Cities: Harnessing the Benefits of Solar Energy in America, shows how wide that embrace is. The report found that 65 American ... Read More »

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