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"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need.....not every man’s greed" -Mahatma Gandhi
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Chef V, Making Healthier Easier

chef v

Chef V

Certified Organic Green Drinks and Cleanses

At Chef V, we believe that the best way – maybe the only way – to make truly lasting improvements to your health is by finding small, simple changes you can make every day. Not the stuff that requires you to reinvent your life, but things that fit into your life, and still have an impact.

For us, improving your diet is the most important change anyone who wants to get healthier can make. Yes, you can exercise more, you can get more sleep, you can meditate. But if you’re still filling your body with junk, none of that is really going to work the way it should. Change your diet and everything else falls into place. You feel better. You have more energy, you make better choices throughout the rest of your day. Chef V, because little changes always have the biggest impact.

It has always been hard to make healthy choices. At least it’s been harder than making unhealthy choices. And more expensive to boot. We seek to change that. We seek to offer the supplies, tools, knowledge and support that someone needs to start leading a healthier life in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible. With our free weekly delivery, you can start every week with a fresh batch, chilled and waiting for you in your own Chef V cooler bag.
Chef V green drink is the simplest way to get living greens into your body every morning and throughout the day with as little required of you as possible. What can you expect from starting each day with a massive serving of leafy super-greens?

You hear a lot of products talking about being organic. Unfortunately, most companies don’t comply with what being organic certified means, even if they boast they use ‘all organics’. It means more than just using organic products, it means your entire process (including things like the products in which you choose to clean your facility with) are also certified organic. The word organic has been so misused that it really doesn’t mean very much unless it is sealed with the USDA Organic seal.

If you want to make sure that the products you are putting in your body have truly been tested and certified by the USDA, and proven to be 100% organic, then insist on only products bearing the USDA Certified Organic symbol (you know, like Chef V’s Green Drinks and Cleanses).

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